Dark Heart Anthology

The ‘Dark Heart’ (Volume One) anthology is a showcase collection of Dark Fairy Tales designed to introduce you to new and talented authors from Europe, America, Canada and the UK.

Bethany Rockey & Marya Heiman

Authors of the short story ‘Nightmare’

Imagine not being able to sleep without fear you might never wake; when the very closing of your eyes, opens the door to a dark and spreading shadow. Sometimes, shadows have teeth … and they bite.

In this tale of insidious horror, Bethany and Marya take the reader on a journey to the deepest part of the imagination and what is found there will keep even the bravest soul awake.

Somehow, having your name and picture and biography up on the official anthology blog makes it all the more real! Go check out our author spotlight and check out the other amazing authors in this anthology! We are so very excited to be a part of it!!

– Amazon Review

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