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Be a brick in the sheltering wall of love and tolerance. Mortar yourself to others to fortify everyone standing against the darkness. 


What Does It Mean To Be Done?

Is it true?  Could I be done?  I am not sure.  I finished the latest book rewrite/edits based on beta feedback, and I feel like the story is more solid.  It feels weird to be 'done' and not stressing about finding time to write.  I've got other project ideas, but...

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Safety in Security

I liked Benjamin Franklin's quote that I used for the featured image of this post because it speaks to the safety of security.  How distrust and caution can lead to the feeling of security and protection.  It's true, too, that exercising caution can prevent injuries....

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The Distractions of Travel

I always have grand ideas to write or to plot, plan, and finish things when I travel.  I'll have all this time, I tell myself, surely I can get it all done.  Invariably, I overestimate the amount of viable available time I do have.  I usually stay up too late, sleep...

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Little Month Around the Corner

I begin with an idea, and then it becomes something else. ~ Pablo Picasso This statement is very true for me.  As I close in on the last part of Origins -- which may yet undergo another name change -- the final product looks very different from that first NaNoWriMo...

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Unintended Excerpt

Creativity is intelligence having fun. ~ Albert Einstein So I didn't mean to grab this screenshot (I have a bad habit of accidentally grabbing images of my home screen), but since I did, I thought I'd share. I'm terrible at sharing things before they're ready, so this...

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I will never buy @united basic economy again. I hope I can find a flight out of Chicago or Milwaukee with @AmericanAir or @Delta. We don’t even get compensation for bus or hotel. I’m screwed because of my basic economy ticket. Word to the wise: do not buy this ever.

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