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How Many Times?

I find myself caught, once again, trying to put together this story that won't leave me alone.  I'm aiming to do Camp Nano in April, so in preparation of that, I have gone back to the drawing board.  I've cleaned up the project's page and now I'm in a crisis of what...

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2016: A Year of Writing (Hopefully)

It's been a rough year, starting about July of last year. Through a whole slew of health problems, I ended up getting nothing done.  No work on anything.  I barely skimmed by on Nano, but not really.  I wouldn't even call it a win.  However, a few things have made...

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NaNoWriMo 2015

This November I am working on using NanoWriMo Fall 2015 to shake down my muse from where she's hiding.  In that sense, I've started back on the project and am re-writing the original manuscript to give it better direction, better flare and more interesting story...

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YA Untitled: Update

This project is giving me fits.  I think it's a good idea and I feel that it is a unique idea, but I think the original flow of how I laid it out on paper, so to speak, is not the way I want to go.  So tonight, I decided to stop fiddling with the story and take all of...

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Project: Origins




Built on monetized emotion and hidden behind a Wall, the City hovers on the brink of destruction. Rebels and Government collide when unrest swells. One girl escapes the ashes of betrayal and must embrace her destiny. The City’s fate hangs in the balance of her choices, while an ancient entity stirs.

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People coming together and helping to rescue thousands of horses in Bonsall. Photo by Bryan Jones beautiful sight! #Lilacfire

A lil’ teaser since there’s no new #novel news. .
#writersofinstagram #writer #amwriting #amwritingfantasy #teasertuesday #author #authorsofinstagram

Awesome. @Staples can't remove my email that some dude used on his rewards account because HE didn't call in. I did, but I'm the owner of the account someone used without MY permission. Why do MY rights not matter? @Staples won't even call the customer and fix it.

Being 'done' is more terrifying than having a 'work-in-progress' to hide behind. It's time to figure out the next steps... after another round of feedback. via @authorbethany

Finished the final #novel edits. Then promptly had a sync error and thought I lost 20,000 words. Talk about instant panic followed by instant relief when I recovered the work. #authorlife #writerslife #amwritingfantasy #amwriting

4200 words on the #novel this morning, despite distractions like this one. I feel like I’m back in my creative groove after being away for far too long. #amwriting #amwritingfantasy #writersofinstagram #writer #authorsofinstagram #author

My #muses abandoned me for the window. Happy #caturday! #amwriting #amwritingfantasy

Can you tell these 2 apart? #RescueCub🐯 (left) is lighter in color & the Sumatran has a rounder head.
#Caturday #Catpanions
📷:Lisa Diaz


An old #shortstory I had written with a friend (Nightmare) that got selected for publication in the Dark Heart Anthology! Every time I feel like I'm not an #author, I remember that I have a short story published in this Anthology. #lunchtimemusings

Instead of #writing last night, I made a #teaser for my #novel. #amwriting #amwritingfantasy #writersofinstagram #…

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