Before Christmas, I was stuck in the curve of failure and the loop of confusion.  I couldn’t wrap my head around how I was going to tie everything together.  I had different ideas that only loosely connect.  Thank God for my alpha reader who has tirelessly read each and every version of this manuscript I’ve pumped out.  I can extrapolate what works and what doesn’t by her reactions, and she’s come to know and love the characters, helped name them when their names didn’t feel right.

So here I am, on the cusp of 100,000 words and I’m winding down to the ending.  I have a good idea of the direction the story is going to go, but I’ve been surprised before.  That’s the best part of immersing yourself into a different world: experiencing the surprising twists and turns of people who exist only on the pages of a story that you’ve written.

When I finish and get this story as polished as I can, I will get a hard copy printed for me as a celebration of my success of completion.  I’ve blown past the curves and loops of failure and confusion, made it through the red lights of enemies and rejoiced in the speedbumps of friendship.  Sometimes, it helps to know when to pull away and let the creative mind rest.

Home stretch!  This weekend is a working weekend; time to hunker down and fall back into the lives of characters I’ve created.

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