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Gearing Up!


I have set up my Nano page and cobbled together a new synopsis!  It’s a working synopsis for now, but that’s because I’m more interested in finishing than refining a synopsis.  I’m about 30k into the re-write and aim for about 50k more, which makes this perfect for Nano.  While I won’t be focusing on word count so much, the act of having accountability to REPORT word count progress will keep me on the straight and narrow!



Surrounded by an impenetrable Wall, the City exists on the edge of tomorrow where the Citizens live in fear, enslaved by the band that binds their emotion, and the Government rules with an iron fist. Society is perfect – or is it? Despite incredible advances in the ability to keep people alive against all odds, something dark erodes away at the City’s heart.  For those cast out of the City, they resent the more ‘fortunate’ sheep that live within the safety of ignorance and affluence. As societal norms degrade, unrest begins to stir in the oppressed masses. All but enslaved, the City is thrown into turmoil when the Government’s desire to do anything to stop the rebellion comes to light. In a race against time, one young man must stop at nothing to find the chosen one.


A girl who can change the world… but he must find her first before she’s corrupted by the Government, and all of her power becomes his for the taking. In a world where perfection is valued and emotion comes at a steep cost, who will persevere while an ancient entity stirs beneath the City?

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