What a whirlwind summer!  Not only did my husband and I celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary, but we also bought a new house and moved.  I’ve had very little time for anything OTHER than being sick (all of July) and moving (all of August), and now we are in a construction zone while we redo our floors.  But hey, I got promoted in June!  To Senior Software Engineer, which feels awesome.

The kittens — gosh they’re not kittens anymore! — have the run of the house again.  It’s been non-stop action while we do the things we can with the floors in the shape they’re in.  Our furniture is piled in the garage!  It’s hard living out of a box!  I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone!

Beyond moving (which is a huge ordeal in and of itself), I received more reviews for the book I’m working on.  A beta reader finished and gave me good feedback.  I think it impressed me the most that my lone beta reader had kept with it and gave me both positive and “needs work” observations.  Her review combined with the others have given me a lot to think about.  I’m three-quarters of the way through the updates.  I hope the finished product is good.

I struggle with fear.  Fear of not good enough.  Fear of how I’m spending my time.  Fear of the unknown.  It’s easier to give up than it is to try.  It’s easier to tell myself that I am not good enough than it is to persevere.  It’s easier to give into the darkness than embracing the cliff jump into uncertainty.  Though I struggle, I hope that I do not stop.

Of course, I need a better workspace before I can do much!  I need my furniture!  I feel like I’m in a shitty resort with no furniture but an awesome outdoor space.  I’ve picked up WoW again since abandoning it in June right before house hunting and moving consumed my SOUL.

Teeny, tiny workstation.  And WoW!

Oh, and my poor bird has become a bat-bird, hanging upside down at night.  We’ve had to move his cage twice because of the floors.  Our dog is too afraid to come in the house, and the cats only want inside the house and then freak out when they do get inside.  But my poor bird.  Hanging upside down.  Watching us.

There’s a story in there, I tell you.  But soon, soon it’ll be done.  I make myself believe it’ll be worth it (it will).I just have to survive to the end of the month.

I just have to survive to the end of the month.  Hopefully, I can start giving updates more often.  Life’s always an adventure in this household!

So for now, I leave a kitten picture because that’s all I am good for these days: never-ending pictures of the girls.

Water, mama!  Kittens need water!

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