What’s been happening?

It’s been a few months since my last update.  Let’s see, a lot has happened in even the near three-month gap.  In September, I adopted my two little muses: Summer and Winter.  They’ve been such a joy and have kept me pretty busy.  Plus, I was struggling with the direction of the re-write plus the addition of work-related projects.

My Muses


Not only do they make it hard to get into the dark and desperate headspaces of my characters, but they’re also very time consuming with their overwhelming cuteness.  Everyone is settling into the home, though!

So where am I on my writing?

That’s a good question.  In addition to life being very hectic, I also got stuck with the structure of my book.  In starting the re-write into the third person, I began to see the shape of the story.  The ideas started flowing, but I started running into technical problems when it came to the structure of the story I wanted to tell.  My initial idea of the alternating point of views quickly began to degrade.  It hasn’t been until this month that I stumbled upon the answer that’s right for me.

I’ll be using NaNoWriMo to get myself back into the habit of writing daily.  I won’t be worried about regurgitating word count because I am taking a measured approach to this re-write.  I know the story.  I know the characters.  Now I need to tell it in the best way possible.

Third time’s a charm, right?

To give myself something to look forward to, I played around with the Free Online Book Cover (Canva) creator and slap-dashed myself a little cover.  To inspire me to write.  To inspire me to the inspiration I need to finish the home stretch of writing this book.

Of course, with all of the changes that have occurred in this third re-write, I am considering the title.  So right now, the working title for the series is Halcyon Code.

Halcyon Code: Chosen


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