I find myself caught, once again, trying to put together this story that won’t leave me alone.  I’m aiming to do Camp Nano in April, so in preparation of that, I have gone back to the drawing board.  I’ve cleaned up the project’s page and now I’m in a crisis of what to do.

First person?

Third person?

Which character’s POV do I want to start out with?

How do I want to begin?  (Arguably the hardest part.)

I have two summaries of what the story could be about and they are both intriguing to me depending on what mood I’m in.  I need to answer these questions before April.  The problem here is that I am so indecisive that I will dither and dither and dither until the time has come to make a choice.  Then I will tell myself I don’t have a direction and I will sabotage myself before I even get out of the starting gate.

What I have come up with in terms of summaries:

(The original) The City is a place on the edge of tomorrow, withstanding an apocalyptic event that drove them to hide behind a Wall separating its Citizens from the Outside.  Despite the danger, Enaya questions a society that favors conformity rather than the individual, refusing to become one of the many chained into oblivious suffering.  In a place where perfection is valued and emotion comes at a steep cost, will Enaya succeed in uncovering the dark truth that lies beneath the dream of a utopian society?  Or will she suffer beneath the blade of institutionalism?

And this is the new one:

The City stands on the edge of tomorrow, withstanding an apocalyptic event that drove them behind the Wall that flowed up from the ground in a time when no one questioned where it came from.  Now the Citizens are inside the wall and have learned to build a society where conformity is favored and emotion is the currency that propels the City closer and closer to the end.  As societal norms degrade, the biggest question that begins to rise from the oppressed masses: what’s beyond the Wall?  All but enslaved, one man rises above the rest and seeks to awaken the evil that destroyed the world while another man finds himself racing against time to find the one person who can save not only the City, but perhaps the world if they can find a way beyond the Wall.

I am, of course, wishy-washy on which character I want to tell the story.  The boy’s or the girl’s.  I suppose I should figure that out, soon.

Maybe this time… I will actually get something that approximates a finished product.

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