Kingdom of Rust

In a world where emotion is currency and life is bound by an impenetrable wall, how far would you go to save not only the world, but yourself?


Ravaged by time and conflict, humanity surrounded themselves with an impenetrable Wall. The City exists on the edge of tomorrow where the choices of the past will come back to haunt them. All but enslaved, the people stir as the death toll rises. The device that measures and monetizes emotion is killing them. The Government denounces claims, lighting fire to a rebellion that crosses socioeconomic lines. Even those cast out of the City will join in to fight against an oppressive regime. As societal norms degrade, unrest begins to stir in the oppressed masses. With the City in turmoil, the Government searches for the secret of a dead woman’s legacy.

One young man is destined to help a girl bioengineered to save the world. With her power coveted by both sides, it’s a race against time to keep her safe and dig up the secrets of the past. They must find the answers before the ancient entity awakens. In a place where perfection is personified by emotional stability, who will persevere? Will Humanity rise or fall, as they have countless times before? Nothing is as it seems where secrets are truths, and truths are lies.

Elevator Pitch:

Built on monetized emotion and hidden behind a Wall, the City hovers on the brink of destruction.   Rebels and Government collide when unrest swells.  One girl escapes the ashes of betrayal to embrace her destiny.  The City’s fate hangs in the balance of her choices, while an ancient entity stirs.

Project Updates

Throwing Out Expectation

I've been reading a lot of Brandon Sanderson's Stormlight Archive series.  I've gone through Way of Kings, bled through Words of Radiance until the end where I cheered.  And now I've started Oathbringer.  All of this since finishing what I felt was the final draft of...

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In the Process of Refinement

What a wild ride the last few weeks have been.  I think the hardest part about talking about rejection is the sense of failure that tags along with that concept.  It's hard not to feel like what you tried to do didn't work out because of some brokenness within the...

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Which Wolf To Feed

It always seems impossible until it's done. ~Nelson Mandela So a while ago, I finished Origins, and I received some excellent feedback on the manuscript from a Beta reader I've been looking forward to reading my story.  I've worked on it, but now I'm in the process of...

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~ Tuesday Teaser ~

I don't have much this week!  Life's been pretty quiet other than getting ready for Christmas, buying Christmas gifts, ordering chainmaille (which I still need to do) for Christmas gifts and playing with kitties. What else can I say is going on?  Not much other than...

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What Does It Mean To Be Done?

Is it true?  Could I be done?  I am not sure.  I finished the latest book rewrite/edits based on beta feedback, and I feel like the story is more solid.  It feels weird to be 'done' and not stressing about finding time to write.  I've got other project ideas, but...

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The Distractions of Travel

I always have grand ideas to write or to plot, plan, and finish things when I travel.  I'll have all this time, I tell myself, surely I can get it all done.  Invariably, I overestimate the amount of viable available time I do have.  I usually stay up too late, sleep...

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