It’s been a while since I’ve last done much with updates here.  I have been struggling to put down words for a long time now.  Around June, I realized that what I wrote for Nano last April wasn’t good enough.  Oh, it was good, but it wasn’t good enough.  It didn’t resonate with me.  I realized that I had to re-write the entire story, and I did.  And I got a good start, but then I realized that I’d written myself into two different rivers that never converged.  I also realized that this re-write was a lot better by a landslide.

I had so much more detail!  The characters were so much more alive!  But they weren’t together.  I had a fractured story and every pathway to consolidating it ended in utter failure.  I stagnated.  I tried Nano this November, and while I did get my 50,000 words, they weren’t GOOD words.  They didn’t solve my problem.

I started thinking about how to bring the two main characters together.  How to make their pathways form a Y at a central convergence point and still that didn’t work.  I stopped writing so much.  I started giving up.

In the meantime, I adopted the most precious babies.  Two little Bengal kittens named Summer and Winter.  They stole my heart.  My writing seemed even further away, especially during November.  I also started playing World Of Warcraft’s new expansion, Legion.

Life got pretty hectic at work, which meant I was coming home and playing WoW or watching TV or more often than not, playing with the kittens.  They’re teeny for only so long.  Already, they’ve grown so much!

In the midst of all this, somewhere soon after the expansion launched, I went through one of the Legion storylines, and it was so good that I sat back and said, “I want to evoke emotion like that.”

I desired it, but with everything going on, I forgot about it.  We prepared for Christmas, and I put writing aside.  I got a new computer for Christmas, and since the girls were now old enough to entertain themselves, I started playing WoW again on my new rig.  With kittens bouncing around me (I have to watch them constantly, they’re into everything), I found myself going through the same content I’d gone through before, back in September.

I was once again moved.  I realized I wanted to evoke that.  At the same time, my ever constant alpha reader, Amber — who reads all of my versions — was telling me how good the re-write was.  So in the second week of my vacation, I realized I’d been looking at everything all wrong.

Rather than try to squash what I had written into a newly defined mold, I needed to start over.  Mash things around.  Break things apart into their elements.  Gear up for an epic raid.

In the end, on Friday, I started writing.  And in the past few days, I’ve managed to find not only the story I have wanted to tell but the will and the desire to do it.  I’ve managed to get down almost 50,000 words in just a few days because I’m excited.

Excitement is a commodity you cannot pay to have, but it is essential to the ingredient of making something that will evoke emotion from someone else.  So here I am, managing to go from about 30,000 words to 75,000 words in a handful of days.

I have geared up.  I have joined the epic raid of writing proportions to slay the boss, Writer’s Block.  And now?  I once again fall into the world of my own making to see what happens next.

Because I am excited.

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