It’s been a long time since I’ve posted!  Whew, what a busy year it’s been!  Experienced an epic vacation, got a pool, and spent the majority of the year getting my health in order!  I’ve had little time to write since about February of this year, which is crazy.  Writing used to be an almost every day activity.  Stories used to crowd in my head like fleas on a cat.

All of that dissipated in the face of life, a busy season at work, and a general lack of creativity overall.  I hope to start working on something — anything — creative again soon.  I think what I need more than anything else is a clean slate when it comes to a project.  Not that I don’t love the previous project, I do, but I’ve stalled out so much that I think I need to try my hand at different words.  Different characters.  I have a character speaking to me that wants to come out, and I think if I let him out, then the other story will flourish better.  I kept wanting to tell him that he could be in be in that story, but he does not fit.

And so I am capturing errant thoughts that build up a new world.  A new idea.  I have been immersed so long in the words of others that I think I might finally be able to let my own free to fly up to the heavens.

Whether it’s jewelry, photography, or writing, I am determined to capture and hold onto the balloon of my creativity.  Fall is here, and I believe what I want to write is a cozy story best suited to chilly winter days and hot mugs of cocoa.  As in every story I write, there will be prominently featured, a cat.

Why?  Because my girls are my inspiration.  Behold, my dreamer: Summer!

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