It’s been a rough year, starting about July of last year. Through a whole slew of health problems, I ended up getting nothing done.  No work on anything.  I barely skimmed by on Nano, but not really.  I wouldn’t even call it a win.  However, a few things have made jumping back into writing a little easier, hopefully!  One is that I can now use Scrivener on my tablet, which means I can get better at no distractions.  And two, of course, is the biggest:  I’m starting to feel better and get a handle on the health problems.

For Sacred Tree: that story needs some love and work.  I have some ideas, now it’s a matter of getting off my butt and getting it done!

For the Untitled project: I have some ideas, but I think I am going to completely revamp and turn it on its head.  I hit some massive writer’s block there that has impeded any progress I wanted to make.

So I have directions to go and kind of know what baby steps to take, now I just need to grab my motivation and get ‘er done!

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