Camp Nano Progress


Week 3

I have reached my Camp Nanowrimo goal of writing 50,000 words.  This is not the end of my story, however, but it is a valued, achievable goal.  I won at the game of writing, and I will continue winning.  This is the last excerpt for a while as the end of the story is heating up and I’m not sure I want to reveal too much, too soon, before baking into the story the ideas I really want to come across.

All excerpts are lifted straight from the uncut, unpolished, unedited Nano project.

This Week’s Excerpt: Ember’s POV

Interrogate is a nice word, but I do not flinch even when her blood spills across that pristine white table.  I don’t flinch when her screams die down to a muffled sound, and I certainly don’t flinch when they haul her limp body away, knowing only that she’s still alive because of the faint and shallow way she breathes.  I am left to stare in that blood splattered room for a long time before an officer comes to get me.

The door clicks open, and it is the same handsome face that greets me.  I am stone, though, and his charm no longer touches the icy interior that shields my body from what I’m feeling.

“Ms. Mako, it’s time to go.”

I stand, my bones creaking from the length of time I sat there and watched what they did to my friend.  Dutifully, I smooth my skirt out and lift my chin, and turn towards the Security Officer.  My shoulders are straight, my back is straight: my proverbial armor is in place.

“Yes, sir.”  My voice may be soft and quiet, but it is not meek, and maybe the Officer notices this and that is why he does a minute double take.

“This way, Ms. Mako.”

Without further drama, he leads me away from the room where I essentially sat and watched my friend get tortured for the information she had.  I sat and watched as she told them where to find Parkyr and where the two thieves fled to.  I sat and watched, knowing the entire time that they had cleared the pane of glass between us so that she could see as I watched.

For the first time since I was granted the honor of being elevated to the Government Science Caste, I have begun to have doubts about the project I’m working on and what the government is really doing.  I feel the coldness spread through my limbs, because I sense the worst is yet to come.

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