Untitled Novel’s Update


80,000 Words

I have come to the end of the first road for my untitled project.  I completed the book on Friday, April 29th, and now I’m a little bit at a loss as to what to do next.  Not that I don’t know what I want to do, but that I want a little bit of a break before I dive into a read through and making the necessary changes.  I’ve sent a couple of versions to a few beta readers so I can get an idea of the weaknesses I need to work on.  Being so close, it’s hard to see the forest for the trees.  Of course, now that I’ve written the story, I need a few practical things such as a title.  Why are titles so hard?  There are so many titles out there and some of them are snazzy, some of them are memorable, and some of them are lost to the overwhelming wave of similar titles.  So I’m taking a creative break from the world of Ember and Cam until some close friends give me their initial thoughts.

A New Project

So what am I doing since I’m not working on Ember and Cam’s story?  Well, I don’t want to lose the momentum I have with creative writing, so I’m working on setting up a different project that stems from the very first NaNoWriMo that I successfully completed with my friend (and fellow writer) Sharonlee Holder.  It’s not the same story, though I am deriving elements of the original manuscript and weaving that into a new story inspired by all the same elements:  fantastical, magical, and hopefully intriguing.

I’m loosely thinking of weaving folk/fairy tale elements through them, but I’m still in the planning phase of this project.  Who knows what the final product will be?  I’m hoping it becomes more of an Epic Struggle, but I’m still working on pieces that I want to put in place.

On the run with the Big Bad Wolf, Yaeli must come to terms with her witch’s birthright in the midst of the chaos sown by those who’d awaken the Enemy. Poised on the knife’s edge of an ancient war, she will tip the Scales of Balance and be gifted with the might of the ancients to fight a battle that began when the earth was born.  The question becomes whether or not Good good will prevail over Evil, or if Darkness and Death will consume the very bones of the world itself.

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